We are an official DeskProto and Cadwax reseller.

CAM Software:


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DeskProto is created with the idea to make 3D CNC machining possible for any 3D CAD-user, not only for the large companies with their large budgets. To make this possible prices start at a very low level.


With DeskProto Cam software, sending your files to your milling machine is made simple with the walk through wizard. And, don't worry, DeskProto is there for the future with 5 axis ready for you to use. You can continue to create what your imagination wants.


Call us to get your copy of DeskProto today or visit their website... And start milling! It's your ideas waiting to be made.


AV Jewelry & Designs recommends:


For CAD Designing:


  • Rhino v5. This is the best CAD program on the market that we feel will give the most of your designing experience.

    For Jewelry Designing:


  • Rhino Gold would be the program for quality jewelry designing and creativity. Visit their website to find out more information.

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  • Rhino Ring is another program created by Keith Reffell. This designing program is fast and easy for all users. Visit his web page for further information.